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Coverage for Acts of the Dishonest Services Contractor

With the 2007 financial crisis and bursting of the housing bubble came increased scrutiny of lender practices. Third parties to real estate loans, such as brokers, packagers, resellers, and servicing contractors, also have found themselves under increased watch. With lending … Continue reading

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Drafting the Enforceable Arbitration Agreement

Employers frequently include in their employment agreements an arbitration clause, hoping that in the event an employee ever sues them, they can avoid lengthy and costly litigation in favor of stream-lined arbitration. Arbitration can offer numerous benefits to an employer, … Continue reading

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Attorney Malpractice Statute of Limitations Revisited

The California Court of Appeals recently reaffirmed the rules regarding the statute of limitations in cases involving attorney malpractice. In Stueve Bros. Farms, LLC v. Berger Khan (2013) – Cal.App.4th –, the plaintiff, heirs to the Alta Dena Dairy fortune … Continue reading

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New Insurance Laws for 2014

Changes to health insurance laws have been at the forefront of national news for some time. This year, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the insurance industry has seen some drastic changes. But the ACA isn’t the … Continue reading

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