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A common claim against an insurance broker or agent is that he/she failed to procure the kind or extent of coverage that the client requested or needed. Brokers are often provided with general instructions to match an existing policy or … Continue reading

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Defense of Underwriters at Trial

Ohio National Insurance sued its insured, an insurance agent, and her husband (the premium financier) and a business colleague (the estate planning attorney), for selling STOLI policies (stranger-oriented life insurance).  With STOLI policies, the policyholder sells the policy to a … Continue reading

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Meaningful Ways to Reduce Defense Costs for Insurers

Reducing your client’s litigation costs should be one of your primary goals if you want repeat business and referrals.  Planning ahead and maintaining good communication with your client are key.

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Claim Against Agent Runs Out of Gas

A gas station owner sued its insurer for bad faith and sought in excess of $2 million in damages from the insurer.  The underlying claim involved a truck striking one of the station’s pumps and allegedly damaging the underground piping.  … Continue reading

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Expanding potential liability for insurance agents and brokers.

California law is well-settled that insurance brokers owe a limited duty to their clients to “use reasonable care, diligence, and judgment in procuring the insurance requested by an insured.” (Jones v. Grewe (1987) 189 Cal.App.3d 950, 954; Hydro-Mill Co., Inc. … Continue reading

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Why Jampol Zimet LLP?

Insurers entrust Jampol Zimet LLP to defend their insureds because we provide exceptional and consistent results inexpensively.  We are “AV” ® rated and comprised of a small group of skilled attorneys who appreciate that their job is to resolve claims … Continue reading

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